Translator’s Afterword for Out of the Shelter

During your distraction, dust had accumulated on the door again, whose appearance thus returned to the time when no one had approached it. You suddenly realized that just now you had remembered and pondered in the pidgin you had been speaking here, not in any natural language you had mastered before entering this world. The dust on the door rapidly dissipated and gathered in alternation. During dissipation, the illusory scenes of the original world reappeared on the steel plate and looked more and more seductive. Your hand was lifted and placed on the door. Your palm and fingertips felt its warmth and coldness. You didn’t know if you wanted to push it open, because by far you had enjoyed this world and your current status very much; but what if a new series of thrilling experiences was waiting behind it? You were hesitating.



近一年来,我一直在断断续续地翻译英国作家戴维·洛奇(David Lodge)的《走出防空洞》(Out of the Shelter)。几日前完成译稿校订,交给出版社,不出意外的话不用太久就会出版了。以下是我写的译后记。这些年的种种境况让我渐渐没有了原创写作的时间和兴致,也只有借后记、序言一类的东西纾解一些胸中的郁结了。


原文题为“To Speak Is to Blunder”,发表在近期的《纽约客》上,链接:


完成《芭贝特之宴》后,我和浦雨蝶就打算把《命运轶闻》的其他篇目(也包括本不在这个集子中,但后来被出版商 Vintage 加进去的《埃伦加德》)译完。通读下来可以发现,它们都采用了《芭》优美、神秘、富于韵律节奏的叙述风格;而就主旨而言,我们当初觉得很深奥的《芭》其实相对浅显易懂。我完成《潜水人》《戒指》《不朽的故事》三篇的翻译后,译文又经过浦雨蝶仔细审校修订,可以自信对原文在意义层面上的传达基本不会有误,在语言风格上也能体现出作者的一些独特韵味。从译者的角度出发,任务应该算是完成了;但作为读者,我感觉对文章从种种幽微之处生发出来的气息还是缺乏把握。 既然无法消弭和作者在时间上的距离,那么或许可以试图拉近在空间和文化上的距离。冥冥中有时真是自有天意,我2014年夏来罗马工作,去年又得到机会去肯尼亚出差;如此,我自然就应该去拜访凯伦在丹麦和肯尼亚的故居了。站在她的房子里,也许能粗浅地感受她创作时的内心世界。

A Concertgoer’s First-Year Experience in Rome

Rome is studded with plenty of architectural wonders dating back to the ancient age. In the very contrast, the major concert hall complex of the Eternal City, Auditorium Parco della Musica, is a 21st-century accomplishment. The multifunctional complex, designed by legendary Italian architect Renzo Piano, was formally inaugurated in December 2002. Visitors may have the impression that it consists of three separate beetle-like spaceships, laid out in a head-to-head-to-head fashion and connected by a crescent-shaped corridor with glass walls, but often fail to recognize a small amphitheater cunningly nested in the “head-jointing” area of the three beetles.


我之前在各种场合提到过的翻译项目终于最后定稿了,只待排版制作即可面世。断断续续弄了一年多,可以说下了很大功夫。 … Continue reading 《音乐记忆》译序:变化与永恒


【6月6日补:此书今天上架豆瓣阅读了。】 我们做的一本小书最近在唐茶开卖了,算是一个还值得一提的成就。译言古登 … Continue reading 《芭贝特之宴》是如何做成的